Hi, I’m Hugh 👋

I'm lucky to have spent more than a decade helping to build world-class platform ecosystems at Facebook, Instagram, HubSpot, Intercom and Zalando. I've worn many hats - product management, business development, partnerships, program management, and everything in between. I've worked with and for consumer platforms and B2B platforms, and worked with many partner types - AdTech, data science, social analytics, e-ecommerce and more.

Over the years I've built platform partnerships with companies like Wix, PayPal, Shopify, Microsoft, Atlassian, Slack and Facebook. I've helped media and creative agencies (and their holding companies) navigate platform ecosystems and leverage the best of what they have to offer for their benefit. I helped WPP understand and consolidate their AdTech spend, and helped Dentsu Aegis tap into emerging opportunities in social technology.

I'm excited to package my years of experience to help companies and founders navigate the complex world of platform ecosystems, or to build and scale their own.

My platform ecosystem journey

I've built and worked with developer ecosystems from all sides. As a platform consumer, product manager, program manager, and Biz Dev/partnerships guy.

  1. Various

    2004 - 2012


    Built and scaled consumer marketplaces, including Ireland's first childcare marketplace and Ireland's first price comparison service. These scaled to tens of thousands of registered users and hundreds of thousands of unique users per month. Ran campaigns for hundreds of advertisers.

  2. Facebook

    2012 - 2015


    Part of the core team that launched Preferred Marketing Developers (now Meta Business Partners). Initially based in Dublin, I relocated to Facebook London in 2014 to grow our agency and SMB platform ecosystems. Led API partnerships with Wix, PayPal, Salesforce, and many more.

  3. Gumroad

    2015 - 2017


    Joined Intercom to help them "build a developer platform." Everything from developer policies and legal agreements, API product management, strategic integrations, an Integrations Hub (App Store) and a Developer Hub. Negotiated with Microsoft, one of four launch partners for Teams.

  4. Zalando

    2017 - 2018


    Helped a 30+ strong team take research-oriented data science projects into production, and make them available "as a service" through APIs. Created mission teams, an internal developer experience, API product analytics, and consumer-facing recommendation features.

  5. HubSpot

    2018 - 2022


    Hired by Scott Brinker (of chiefmartec.com fame) to scale HubSpot's Connect Partner Program. Redesigned the program, simplifying it to make it accessible to all developer types. Created a marketplace team and launched the HubSpot App Accelerator. Grew from ~150 - 1,000+ listed apps.

  6. Listed

    2023 - Present


    Listed helps SaaS businesses efficiently acquire higher value customers through B2B Marketplaces.

Writing and speaking

Some of the articles, interviews, and quotes I've written or been mentioned in over the years.


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