About Developer Ecosystem

I’ve been lucky to help launch Developer Platforms and Ecosystems for companies like Facebook, Intercom, Zalando and HubSpot. I’ve also been on ‘the other side’ as a partner. This website will contain all the advice and tips I wish I had before I started.


For those of you launching a developer ecosystem, i’ll share tips, tricks, and tools to help you provide tools to build your developer ecosystem, connect ecosystem partners together, and drive discovery of what they’ve built.


Leverage For those of you looking to leverage an existing developer ecosystem, i’ll share tips and tricks on ‘navigating the org’ at platform companies, how to behave as a partner, how to network and leverage other ecosystem participants, and how to make the most of developer ecosystem support functions to build and scale your product.

For updates, please follow me on Twitter at @hughdurkin.

Thanks, and hope you enjoy the site. Hugh.

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