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Ably brings real-time messaging to Netlify

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Macey Richards Feb 22, 2023

There's a new kid on the Netlify block. Ably, the real-time platform that offers APIs and tools for messaging, IoT, and gaming, have launched a new integration with Netlify.

Ably includes features for transactional, broadcast, and person-to-person communications, with developers using it to build chat apps, virtual event solutions, GPS location tracking, and more. It's also used by some developers to build live dashboards - to track multiplayer leaderboards in the world of gaming.

To help developers get up and use the integration quickly, Ably offer a GitHub starter template which can easily be deployed to Netlify.

Ably count well known SaaS behemoths like HubSpot and Webflow as customers, and if you listen to music (and most of us do) Ably also powers features in consumer apps like Spotify. Across SaaS and consumer apps, Ably recently revealed they reach more than 300 million active users each month through their technology.

The serverless pub/sub messaging provider has a global presence with data centers in multiple regions around the world, and offers a range of other integrations with Platforms like Zapier, AWS, Azure, and RabbitMQ.

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