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2021 was the year of NFTs, and 2022 was the year we realised we didn't really understand the value of them. 2023 is the year of generative AI. AudioStack hope to prove it isn't a fad.

Developed by London-based Aflorithmic (quite a mouthful, pun intended), offers developers a variety of APIs to turn text into speech, enhance it with sound effects, and quickly and easily integrate it with websites, web applications, and mobile applications.

It's a rebirth of an API product previously known as, and the team behind it are into their fourth year building the company.

AudioStack offers a variety of synthetic voices and templates - from a British female voice "Sonia" to Christopher, the most American-sounding man on the planet. Templates like "City echoes" and "Idlebach" can be combined with the voices (and, of course, the words those voices should speak) to create audio ads, video voiceover, and synthetic newscasts.

If you've recently discovered Spotify's new virtual radio hosts, AudioStack is a solution for any developer to build something similar (well, the voiceover bit).

It's not clear how much AudioStack is to use - their pricing page is confusing - but they appear to be targeting the upper end of the market.

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