Bored of Lorem Ipsum? is the fun way to mock your front-end prototypes

Screenshot of sample response from

Admit it - you're bored of all the Lorem Ipsum stuff. There's something fundamentally wrong with using improper Latin to light up that new front-end you're building. The founder of believes rap is the antidote. is a simple API created by @ayofishr (follow them on Twitch), and it's free for anyone to use. Make a simple API call to and you'll get a fun - dare we say hip - response.


We made a couple of test requests to and here's what we got back:

Buns out, weiner, but I gotta keep an eye out for Selen-err

- Nicky Minaj

I'm shooting for the stars, astronauts dodge bullets

- Lil Wayne

Going so hard you think i mixed a viagra with a soda

- Chainz

Of course the API returns it in glorious JSON but we thought we'd filter that our for effect. Anyway, give a try - it apparently has a 10k requests per second limit, so it should give you a speedy response.

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