Browserbear launches new, friendly, browser automation API

Screenshot of sample code from Bannerbear

Aiming to "Automate repetitive work", SaaS entrepreneur Jon Yongfook has launched a new browser automation API - Browserbear. Browserbear offers pre-built integrations with Zapier and, and a well documented REST API.

The service is built atop AWS and offers 30 browser actions including scroll, click, login, paste and download. Actions are initiated through a combination of runs, steps and tasks. These can all be configured through an easy to use user interface.

Teams can unlock the ability to collaborate and share automations from the $99 per month Scale plan, and Enterprise customers can unlock up to 30 hours of cloud runtime per month for $199.

Browserbear complements Jon's first image automation SaaS business, Bannerbear, which recently passed a significant milestone - over $500,000 in annual recurring revenue. Entirely self-funded, Bannerbear now employs 7 people and counts over 550 paying customers.

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