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Defer makes background jobs an essential part of Node.js apps

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Macey Richards Mar 9, 2023

Defer, the background jobs as-a-service startup founded by French duo Charly Poly and Bryan Frimin, is now available as a public access product.

The emergence of "Jamstack" approaches and Progressive Web Apps has led us to a point where more and more web apps are deployed to edge locations. Which means more and more web apps rely on performant integrations with 3rd party APIs. Which is a tricky challenge when optimising for a fast user experience (speed is a feature, after all).

As the two ex-JobTeaser co-founders decribe it "such requirements make background jobs an essential part of modern Node.js technical stacks."

Everything about Defer, including pricing, is super simple. Free hobby accounts are generous and include an allocation of up to 4GB/h per month, unlimited functions requests, and up to 30 minutes for each function to complete. It also includes up to 7 days of log retention.


It's relatively easy to integrate Defer with Node.js apps with quickstarts for SvelteKit, Next.js, Express and many more. Guides focused on creation of contact batch imports, scheduled reminders, onboarding workflows and weekly reporting help developers understand the power of Defer through common scenarios.

Defer is multi-environment ready, includes automatic preview environments for GitHub Pull requests, and features a convenient Slack integration to proactively alert developers of jobs or builds failing.

Paid plans start from $100 per month for up to 200 GB/h, unlimited functions requests, unlimited functions duration, and up to 10 concurrent executions. Defer is backed by Y Combinator for those of you that require some venture-accelerator social proof and peace of mind.

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