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Emma is price comparison for cloud providers, with a productivity twist

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Macey Richards Mar 3, 2023

Consumers are a bit cost-conscious at the moment, and developers are no different. "Leaving the cloud" has become a hot topic, thanks to Basecamp.

New "anti-Heroku" providers like Railway and Render have emerged of late, potentially a threat to incumbent Platforms like AWS and Google Cloud.

Emma (emma.ms) addresses these challenges, and more. For developers, it's a better way to understand the relative cost implications of deploying across different providers and loactions. And for cloud providers, it's a solution to stand out from competitors and reduce developer churn.


Emma is basically price comparison for the cloud. It's a real-time database of pricing from AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean and more. Searching and filtering by location and instance size is relatively simple, and it's pretty easy to clone, snapshot, and resize instances with a few clicks.

It also includes pre-built solutions for databases, analytics and backups - and multiple providers can be utilized in tandem to ensure adequate uptime and reliability. Emma proactively offers recommendations for reducing cloud costs based on workload behaviour, and helps developers identify rogue, unused instances.

Emma charge an 18% fee and a 14 day free trial is available.

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