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Fauna launches logs

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Macey Richards Feb 22, 2023

Fauna, the a cloud-based serverless database service, today announced general availability of Fauna Logs - a solution to help developers monitor and analyze query logs.

At launch, Fauna Logs initially helps developers diagnose query performance issues, to identify slow-performing queries and bottlenecks. Obviously, these typically have an impact on application performance and cost, so will likely appeal to larger scale (dare we say Enterprise?) application builders.

As an added bonus, developers will have the ability to identify common user queries, which should be able to help product and engineering teams assess the usefulness and adoption of features, and identify opportunities to create new products.

Fauna Logs are available in a self-serve way through the Fauna dashboard, where "Log Bundles" can be created and downloaded as a zip file. When unzipped, log files will be available as valid JSON objects. Logs can also be accessed through the command line, and queries can be tagged to aid discovery and collaboration across teams.

Fauna has become popular in recent years due to its GraphQL support and integrations with Platforms like Vercel and Netlify. Their growing ecosystem also includes Auth0, Fastly, Cloudflare, Okta, and Retool.

Fauna Logs is available on Team and Business plans, which start from $150 per developer per month.

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