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Macey Richards Mar 6, 2023

Frames have been a feature of web browsers since Netscape Navigator introduced them in 1996. Almost 30 years on, Hyperbeam have reimagined how they should work.

Every developer struggles with Frames on the web. From X-Frame-Options issues to CORS challenges, a lot of work-work is required to get them... well, working. Throw security challenges in the mix and it's no wonder developers have opted for more complex integration paths.

Hyperbeam have adopted a different approach. Virtual computers can be embedded in any website or web app, and various applications - including Chromium and Android - can be run within them.

Each virtual computer is configurable and includes capabilities to enable persistence, zoom, resizing of browser windows and timeouts for time-sensitive applications. It also includes multi-cursor capabilities for collaboration use cases.

Content security policies can be defined, and authentication is possible via webhook. Virtual computers can also contain audio visual content, with synchronisation capabilities and echo cancellation.

Hyperbeam offer 10,000 free minutes every month, and competitive volume pricing. A getting started guide is available at docs.hyperbeam.com.

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