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Netlify CMS reborn as Decap CMS

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Macey Richards Feb 24, 2023

Popular open source git-based content management system, Netlify CMS, is getting a new name and a new owner.

Slovenian-based Netlify agency partner PM will take on the project and rebrand it as Decap CMS. The change will take effect immediately, and the project will be maintained through the new Decap CMS website.


Launched in 2016, Netlify CMS was one of the first git-based content management systems and quickly gained traction with developers as the Jamstack movement took off. Momentum on the project slowed over the past couple of years as Netlify focused on building an ecosystem of integrations with Headless CMS partners like Contentful and

Netlify CMS had previously caused issues with Netlify's own branding. Potential customers often misunderstood Netlify as a CMS, and overlooked Netlify's platform features like Identity, Analytics and Edge functions.

Renaming the project should help fix that problem, and assigning ownership of it to an agency in the ecosystem will bring the project a new leas of life and new energy.

Decap CMS is available through and support is available through a new Decap CMS Slack channel.

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