Picture of Openvolt founders Don O'Leary and Dave Curran

Openvolt, the Stripe of Smart Meter Data, need your help

Photo of Hugh Durkin
Hugh DurkinAug 10, 2023

When Stripe was founded in 2010, connecting banking systems with businesses and consumers was a slow, cumbersome task. Connecting legacy systems with Stripe's new Platform wasn't just technical in nature - teams of lawyers, policy professionals, and business development teams had to negotiate away the status-quo before engineers could dream about building what today is Stripe.

Climate tech is now where fintech was 15 years ago. Legacy systems, incumbent providers - including government owned operators - are being pulled into the future by a new wave of entrepreneurs focused on building technology foundations to fuel innovation in the space over the next few decades. Two of those entrepreneurs - Don O'Leary and Dave Curran - are tackling the challenge of connecting smart meters across Europe, to make them accessible through simple APIs.

Don has plenty of experience dealing with the complexities of managing global API products from six years building Stripe's operations in Europe. Don - a software engineer by trade - has teamed up with fellow entrepreneur Dave Curran (who sold his startup Love Mondays to Glassdoor) to found Openvolt. Don has taken on the role of CTO, and Dave is the CEO of the company.

The challenge and opportunity for Openvolt? Every Smart Meter is pre-installed with IoT sensors, and generates a large volume of silo'd data that - if made available to developers - could create a new wave of innovative solutions to help home owners and businesses create, consume, and store energy more efficiently.

Openvolt join over 30 innovative companies that are defining Ireland as a global leader in climate technology. Companies like CoolPlanet, CitySwift and SuperNode will no doubt be future partners of Openvolt as they build their developer partnerships and ecosystem.

Openvolt are hiring a founding software engineer to help build their engineering team in Dublin. Visit Openvolt's careers page or connect with Don O'Leary or Dave Curran on LinkedIn to learn more.