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PromptLayer is the first platform for prompt engineers

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Macey Richards Feb 24, 2023

Former Facebooker, Googler, Redditor and Alsop Louie Partners associate Jared Zoneraich has created the "first platform for prompt engineers" - a developer tool called PromptLayer.

PromptLayer saves your GPT history, and is easy to navigate with keyboard shortcuts and a pretty powerful search capability. Queries can be tagged to organise and reference them, and queries can be cached (so you'll burn down your OpenAI credits a little more slowly).

Over 400 engineers from companies like Amazon and Microsoft use PromptLayer to help them remember "good prompts" when working with OpenAI's suite of APIs to build features like copywriting, summarization, and classification.

Zoneraich previously worked directly for Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian from 2014 to 2015, and earned second place at TechCrunch Disrupt 2013 for his "Learn to Drive" app.

PromptLayer is free to use and available now.

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