Railway has a new CLI, and it's written in Rust

Railway logo on dark background

Railway, the Platform as a service provider that's taking on the likes of Heroku and Render, is upgrading their CLI to make it "buzzword compliant."

Railway CLI v3, which is now available, includes feature several improvements and is said to be a 10x performance improvement over the previous version. It's also written in Rust, a preferred programming language of Cloudflare, Mozilla and Dropbox.


UI elements have been given a lick of paint, with tables making an appearance. And Railway CLI v3 remembers what service you're developing in without relentlessly re-prompting developers. As Railway Projects are very much multi-service in nature, this will be a big workflow win for developers.

Likely owing to the benefits of the Rust-ification of the CLI, even larger repos are now supported, and developers shouldn't notice anything untoward during the launch of the new version - Railway have simply bumped the version and merged it into the main repo.

Elsewhere in Railyway logs, usage, and estimatedUsage values have been added to Railway's public API, and display of Network metrics has also earned a refresh. The announcements were made on Railway's changelog.

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