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React.dev gets a lick of paint - and plenty of Codesandbox examples

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Macey Richards Mar 21, 2023

React.dev - the library for web and native user interfaces - has a new look and a whole lot of new content.

The site illustrates what's possible with modern React, with diagrams, challenges and lots of interactive examples - over 600 of them. The core React team collaborated with Codesandbox to integrate working examples with the web-based IDE.

A fun Tic-Tac-Toe Tutorial is a nice alternative to the usual Todo list examples, and development environents are embedded within documentation pages. You can, of course, download sample code or fork each sandbox - but I'm not sure why you'd want to.

The Learn sections of the website are self-based courses split into chapters, taking React noobs through components, interactivity, state management, JSX and more. Quick coding challenges put what you learn into practice quickly.

The new API Reference now includes a dedicated page for each React API, and are formatted well. "Reference" segments describe capabilities in formal terms and "Usage" segments adopt a friendlier tone (and real-world examples).

React core team also shared a public roadmap of sorts. TypeScript is top of mind based on developer requests, as is the addition of translated documentation.

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