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Rebase is the game show for developers you never knew you needed

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Macey Richards Feb 25, 2023

The rise and fall of HQ, the social media game show, is well documented. Once home to 2.3 million players tuning in at any one time, it's now in the dot com deadpool.

Rebase, though, seems totally different. Definitely more niche.

Over the past couple of weeks Rebase started to spread across social networks like Twitter, with developers sharing links to "Join the Rebase premiere." Once registered, each developer earns a personalized golden ticket which grants them VIP Access (whatever that might mean).


Hundreds of developers have already registered, based on the ticket numbers doing the rounds on Twitter. As of today, just one prize has been announced - a new M2 Macbook Pro.

It feels like a table quiz for developers, with questions like "Which package manager uses hard links to share the same packages across multiple projects?" No doubt ChatGPT will be open and at-the-ready for those looking to optimise for winning. For others, it might be a fun way to test their knowledge, and even brush up on their interview skills (interviewers do enjoy random curveball questions).

It's not clear when the premiere will happen, but registration is open now at

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