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The Twitter developer ecosystem exodus has begun

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Macey Richards Mar 30, 2023

It's official. Twitter's new API pricing is here - and universally despised by developers. Many are already jumping from the Twitter ship.

The last few weeks have seen a "will they, won't they" stand-off between developers and Twitter. Will or won't Twitter revise their pricing upwards? Will or won't developer flee en-masse?

As of today the first one happened, and the second is happening now.

Simon Høiberg, founder of Feedhive - a social media management tool used by startups like Fauna and Prismic - is one developer of many that are turning off Twitter features for their customers.

In his own words "$42,000/month is simply beyond what we consider financially viable or reasonable to pay."

Feedhive continues to offer integrations with other social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

Developers have 30 days to migrate to Twitter's new pricing plans, which start from free, progress to $100 per month, and jump to $42,000 per month for "Enterprise" access. Some developers who upgraded to new paid plans have also reported issues accessing Twitter's API.

Since the announcement dropped, Twitter and Elon Musk have not responded to feedback from developers. And a growing number of developers are giving up on Twitter entirely.

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